A Feline Discovery: Kitten Adopts Puppy and Makes Him Her Own

An adorable little feline was discovered hiding in a shrub, and she ended up selecting a puppy as a member of her family. She took it upon herself to adopt the pup, and the two became inseparable.

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Paula Montgomery, a foster volunteer at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA), was recently contacted about a distressed kitten that had been found alone in a bush outside a church. Upon discovery, the kitten’s eyes were matted shut, and she was covered in fleas, which had caused her to become anemic, cold, and hungry. The AWLA’s Kitten College Program reported that the kitten was only three weeks old and needed urgent foster care. Paula decided to step up and look after the kitten, whom she named Grace. According to Paula, as soon as Grace arrived at her home around 10 PM, she could feel the flea dirt on her and immediately gave her a bath.

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When Grace was discovered, she was all by herself in a bush. Paula Montgomery was the one who found her. Sadly, Grace had to endure an unpleasant flea infestation which left her in a dire state. The first order of business was to clean her up and rid her of the fleas. After receiving a bath and proper treatment, Grace could finally relax and recover in a warm incubator. She was able to get the much-needed rest that was taken from her due to the infestation. In fact, she was so tired that she fell asleep almost immediately after settling into her cozy bed.

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Paula Montgomery recounted how she diligently fed Grace every three hours, day and night. She was delighted to see that the kitten’s appetite and energy levels improved with each meal. Paula was pleasantly surprised when Grace refused to be coddled during her 7AM feeding and expressed her newfound independence. The kitten’s bounce had returned, and she was eager for playtime and attention. To keep Grace within reach during work hours, Paula provided her with a comfortable basket lined with soft blankets and a heating pad.

When Grace and Ralfie first met, they formed an instant bond that surprised even Paula Montgomery. According to her, Grace’s true strength became evident in that moment. Meanwhile, Ralfie was living with Paula as a foster puppy from a separate rescue organization. He became aware of Grace’s arrival when he heard her playful meows, which he picked up on due to his large, floppy ears. Ralfie was immediately curious about the newcomer, and Grace reciprocated the interest.

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Paula Montgomery shared how her kitten, Grace, and Ralfie quickly became close friends. According to Paula, Grace and Ralfie’s first encounter happened when she allowed Grace to walk around, and Ralfie followed behind her but kept his distance. The initial move came from Grace, who ran towards Ralfie despite being wobbly on her feet. Ralfie, being bigger than Grace, gently nudged the kitten with his nose and even gave her a bath. Although Ralfie was young, he showed great patience and care towards his feline friend. Check out their adorable video below!

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Grace and Ralfie have an undeniable bond that is reciprocated. Their connection was established quickly, making it seem as if they had been siblings for years. There’s no separating them now, but the owner Paula Montgomery ensures that Grace remembers to be gentle around Ralfie’s sensitive nose.

It’s amazing how Ralfie, a rescue dog, has a special connection with Grace and knows exactly what she needs. They have formed an inseparable bond and enjoy doing everything together from playing to snuggling, grooming to napping. Despite being tiny, Grace has a lot of attitude and often initiates play by pouncing on Ralfie and even nibbling on his leg. It’s almost like she thinks she’s part of Ralfie’s pack!

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Grace has quite the sassy personality while Ralfie is more gentle and sweet. When they’re together, Ralfie becomes the happiest pup and tolerates all of Grace’s playful shenanigans with open arms. Even though Grace still has some growing to do before she can be adopted through AWLA, she’s already putting in a request to adopt Ralfie herself, as shared by AWLA’s Kitten College Program.

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Paula Montgomery shared the story of her beloved furry friends and emphasized how they were meant to be together. She recounted telling her younger sister about their strong bond even though they were not exactly alike. Paula’s sister then gave her wise advice on choosing true friends, reminding her to look beyond surface appearances.

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The bond between them is simply heartwarming. Check out Paula’s fosters on Instagram under the username @joe_the_dog_and_others and share their story with your pals.

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