Michael Jordan is an all-time great basketball player. He played fifteen seasons in the NBA, winning six championships with Chicago Bulls. Jordan was picked in the first round by the Bulls in 1984.

He played for them from 1984 through 1993, and then made a return in 1995. Jordan surprised everyone when he announced his retirement in 1998. However, he returned to basketball in 2001, just two years before announcing his final retirement in 2003.

Aside from basketball, Jordan is an avid golf fan. He enjoys playing golf and watching competitions whenever he can find time. The legend has a number of incredible golf anecdotes up his sleeve, and we’ve highlighted the top five in this article.

5 Michael Jordan’s Best golf stories
1) Michael Jordan’s wedding reception

Michael Jordan hosted a wedding reception at Jack Nicklaus Golf Course for approximately 2,000 people. Jordan married his long-term girlfriend, Yvette Prieto, on April 27, 2013, with a lavish celebration at Bear’s Club in Jupiter. Jack Nicklaus, a six-time Masters champion, designed the golf course.

According to JeffRealty.com, his reception tent was reportedly 40,000 square feet in size, making it one of the largest wedding tents in history. Interestingly, MJ invited Tiger Woods, the famed golfer, to his wedding reception.

2) Michael Jordan and Sergio Garcia’s race

In 1999, MJ and Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia competed in a mock race at St. Andrews Golf Course. Their picture drew the attention of sports fans all over the world.

Jordan was defeated in a sprint by the golfer. Despite the fact that it was neither official nor televised, the photographs show Garcia overtaking Jordan.

3) Michael Jordan played golf at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
Michael Jordan was at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, playing for the Dream Team. Jordan spent time in the city playing cards all night or getting in 36 holes of golf.

4) Michael Jordan reportedly lost millions in golf wagers
Richard Esquina, a San Diego businessman, claimed in his book, “Michael

“Our matches frequently came down to $100,000 putts with occasional swings of upwards of a quarter-million dollars. Personally, I felt I was a controlled gambler until Michael and I went berserk in one period of approximately 10 days in September 1991, when I went from potentially more than $200,000 in debt to $1.25 million ahead.”

5) Michael Jordan trash-talked about US President Bill Clinton in a golf match

Michael Jordan plays golf, as does Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Jordan and Clinton once met for a 18-hole golf tournament, during which the NBA star reportedly dubbed Clinton “a little girl.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jordan found the former President up by saying:

“You’re going to play from the little girls’ tee?”