30 stunning coffin nail designs for 2023

Wondering what are coffin nails?

For as long as most of us have been getting our nails done, there are only two shapes of nails: round and square.

But guess what?

Here comes a third design.

It’s new, unique, and features a trendy look.

Cute Coffin Nails



Also called ballerina shaped nails, coffin nails have a distinct shape. They curve, and when they are almost to the tip, they’re squared off.

Coffin nails look fierce and edgy. So if you want something that’s out of the ordinary, you might want to try this nail design.

Are you looking for the best colorful coffin nails design?

In this post, let’s talk about them.

The coffin style will particularly look great for women with long nails.

Don’t have long nails?

Your short and small coffin nails shouldn’t be a problem. You can still achieve the coffin style look with acrylic nails.

Plus, I’ve found nail designs regardless of length that will set you all year round.

Whether you have short or long nails, with these coffin nail colors, you can have a trendy yet understated look. Add a glittery blend or two and you’ll create more character and pizzazz.

Here are our favorite coffin nail color ideas.

From subtle elegance to total extravagance, coffin nails are trendy and fashionable.

Wearing them is a bold way to make a statement. It’s a seriously popular accessory that you can have in addition to your jewelry, handbag, and shoes.

And if you’ll notice, a lot of stylish celebrities are having them too. These chic ladies include Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

If you’re looking to rock these coffin nails, this post is for you.

Check out these awesome coffin nail color ideas.

1. Let’s start this list with these cute coffin nails.

You’ll love this glittery and gorgeous design.

It’s an elegant set that features intricate inlay roses with metallic gilded laces. The gorgeous accents of shimmer and glossy polish complete the serious sparkle look.

Classy and sophisticated, don’t you think?

2. Check out the sultry ombre with sparkles on these coffin nails.

Do you think minimal colors are boring?

Well, they don’t have to be.

Here’s a seductive ombre using the different shades of pink and accented by extra sparkles.

Aren’t they delectable?

3. Do you love purple coffin nails?

Purple is a hot color that you can use for some serious glamour.

Give yourself a tantalizing look with these gorgeous coffin nails. And check out the fire design on this one; it creates visual interest and extra contrast.

If you want to amp up your nail game, do it with this coffin style.

4. Check out these blue coffin nails with an ombre twist.


Sweet nail designs can sometimes come from non-traditional colors.

Case in point: these enchanting blue coffin nails.

Get an unexpectedly gorgeous look with blue. It’s not a usually picked color but still fits well with any occasion or fashion getup.

Blue isn’t just unexpected. It’s cute too. Look how it perfectly blends with luscious nude shades, thus, creating colorful coffin nails.

Want to satisfy your uniqueness?

Try this uncommon yet delightful coffin nails design.

5. Do you love colorful coffin nails?

Check out this assortment of colors.

For a summery feel, here’s a wonderful mix of hues that just spells fun and carefree. Just like summer.

Go big with the beautiful ombre of orange with a mix of white and nude. And for an interesting visual element, put in butterflies and flowers on there too.

Isn’t it beautiful?

6. Here’s a pastel, ballerina-themed coffin nail design.

Ballerinas are the epitome of grace and beauty in movement.

If you think your nails should also reflect these traits, then you will love this pastel nail design. It’s got shiny polish and glittery crystals. Simple yet beautiful.

Add character to your look and give it something extra. You’ll be dressing to impress with this nail design.

7. A sherbet of colors for diversity.

Do you want to add colors to your life?

Check out this rainbow of colors in this prepossessing, colorful coffin nails design. It’s got pink, yellow, and an assortment of dotted hues.

It’s a great way to dress up your mani with this playful look.

8. Get daring with these light blue and gold coffin nails.

Want to try something bold?

Check out these light blue coffin nails.

It’s a great way to pull off a summer look. But you can also rock this look during the winter season.

Too light of a color for you?

You can choose a deeper shade like midnight blue.

Make the most of your coffin nails with this trendy and chic color.

9. Looking for pastel coffin nail designs?

Here’s one for the warm summer days.

Add colorful elements that stand out no matter where you are. This sherbet of hues creates a fabulous look. It’s the perfect lady-like nail design for women who like to frolic and have fun under the sun.

Want to have a special charm for your mani?

This combination looks both fetching and feminine.

10. Do you want extra long coffin casket nails?


Do you find long nails gorgeous?

Sure, it may result in difficulty when typing text messages on your phone. But hey, you have Instagram-worthy nails.

If long nails are your thing, check out this sultry nail design.

Rock these long, nude coffin nails for a bold and stylish look.

11. Explore a blinged-out coffin nail design.

Here’s a fantastic nail design you might want to try out.

It’s got a lot of sparkly stuff, and it’s got a beautiful combination of pink and white hues.

The iridescent crust creates a stunning visual even if viewed at any angle. What’s great about this nail design is that it works for everyone. It’s an elegant manicure idea that will turn heads.

12. Care for some pink and beige coffin nails?

Here’s a pretty nail art idea.

Have you considered combining pink and beige for your nail design?

Check out the accent on these nails. It’s stunning and would look pretty on anyone. Perfect for a special date or when you want to go to a party.

These gorgeous nails will rock. It’s vibrant and it really speaks out as fun and stylish, don’t you think?

You could jazz it up even more by simply adding more glitter and sparkly stuff.

You may also like these beige nail inspirations.

13. Are these peach-colored nails just delectable?

Here’s a peachy nail idea.

Check out the light tone on these nails. Don’t they look captivating?

The neutral accent does have a wonderful touch. It’s a great color that will suit anyone.

And for an added visual interest, I love how these nails had this wonderful floral design.

If you’re looking to glam up for a date, these nails are just perfect.

14. Can’t get enough of French tip coffin nails?

Check out this French-inspired nail art delight.

If you’re looking to define the tip of your nails, take this design as inspiration. It features gem embellishments and a soft and light shade that’s just simply stunning.

Best of all, it’s easy to recreate this design. You don’t have to go to the salon for this; you can get this done by yourself at home.

15. These black matte coffin nails are just gorgeous.

In case you’re looking for a nail design that’s simple yet elegant, check this out.

These attractive nails are exactly what you need when you want a design to suit your get-up for a party, special date, or any formal occasion.

It features a combination of gems and other sparkly stuff over a black backdrop. Perfect for the ladies that love an edgy and fierce look.

These black coffin nails really look good in both shiny and matte finishes. You should this in your personal list of must-have nail designs.

16. Don’t you just love these black and red coffin nails?

Do you want to achieve a bold and modern look?

Here’s a great on-trend nail design you might want to check out.

Black and red make a fiery combination that creates a chic nail design. It’s a wonderful choice for evening events like dates, parties, and other romantic rendezvous.

You know, you can spruce this up a bit more. Perhaps put in some metallic details and gem embellishments for a striking finish.

17. Are coral coffin nails your thing?

Summer needs a color, and any fun and bright hue will fit the bill.

Here’s a great color for the vacation fun under the sun.

Check out the bright coral on these gorgeous nails. It’s the perfect look for summer. Notice how the hues lighten up the nails. Just like how the sun provides warmth for the fun and carefree summer days.

Keep it classy these warm weather days with this fabulous nail design.

18. Bring the glory of spring with these bright yellow coffin nails with rhinestones.

Breathe vivacity and sparkle into your nails with bright yellow shades.

See how the radiant hue fades into a nude backdrop. This gorgeous piece is also accentuated with sparkly embellishments, completing an elegant look.

Give your manicure a lot of carefree and fun-loving personality. Check out this springtime nail fashion.

19. Here’s another blue sparkly coffin nails design to try.

Looking for an unexpectedly cute and classy hue for your nails?

Have you considered using blue?

It’s an unconventional color for your nails. Yet it looks perfect.

Notice the hue gradually fades from the tip to the base of the nail. Plus, the glittery embellishments add visual interest to this bewitching nail design.

This blue coffin nails design can work as your everyday office wear or when you want to attend a formal event like a wedding.

20. Get the edgy yet girly look with these white and purple coffin nails.

Discover the sultry blend of white and purple.

Church up your nails with this delectable combo. And check out the leopard print styled in lavender. Notice the subtle adornment of gems too.

When you want to bring your nails to a whole new level, check out this lovely design. It’s fun and unconventional. There’s a little chance another person will have the same nail treatment as yours.

21. Do you like it super long and pink?

Check out this minimal coffin nails design.

Minimal doesn’t have to be boring. And this is best exemplified by these captivating nails. The soft shade simply looks enchanting. It’s simple yet so delectable.

This nail design is perfect if you want to achieve a low-key look as you go into a wedding or any formal event. It’s also an attractive piece that’s ideal if you want to get a business exec look.

If you think minimal means boring, this beautiful nail design will change your mind.

22. A simple design that offers the most impact.

Never turn down a simple nail design.

Sometimes a minimal design creates more pizzazz. Just like this nail design.

It looks plain yet packs a whole lot of punch. The ombre of pink and almond does the trick in this one, satisfying your urges to make it low-key. Yet it unexpectedly is gorgeous as it retains a lot of its elegance.

When you want to downplay your style without sacrificing sophistication and swankiness, check out this minimal yet ravishing piece.

23. Do you love an iridescent coffin nail design?

Any shimmery can give a big boost to the look of your nails.

So if you’re looking for a design that packs a lot of punch, check out this effortlessly minimal yet elegant nail design.

What I particularly love about this piece is that it’s bold and sophisticated.

Plus, it’s very versatile. You can wear these nails for work or a party. It goes well with your style from the office to the cocktails.

24. Bold white coffin nails can bring out your best look.

Have you noticed how you only seldom see white-colored coffin nails?

Again, it’s probably with the notion that plain and minimal designs are boring.

But let me ask you. Do these gorgeous coffin nails look boring to you?

Rather, they look refined and stylish, don’t you think?

This simple yet sexy design works because it looks clean and sparkling neat.

If you want to pull off a monochromatic design that looks elegant, you’ll love this sultry piece.

25. Check out this flattering shade of purple coffin nails.

Would you like it sweet and feminine?

If you want to switch things up, from an office getup to a weekend look, here’s a great nail design idea for you.

Check out this gorgeous shade of purple.

The glittery adornment adds a touch of elegance on this piece, making it look ultra-luxe.

Add an adorable addition to your coffin nails design ideas. Bring cuteness to a whole new level with this flattering sweet shade of glossy lilac.

26. Don’t you just love the novelty of this coffin nail design?

Check out the vivacity of colors.

If you’re feeling creative, this siren red coffin nails design, complemented with matte black and turquoise, exudes a playful vibe. It’s a mix of classic and trendy.

Who says you have to follow conventional rules when it comes to nail fashion?

Make it funky and fun. This cute design will surely delight you.

27. Make your manicure the center of attention with this glitter mauve coffin nail.


Want to get an ultra-luxe manicure?

Turn your hands into a gorgeous center of attention with this beautiful pink nail design. And to add pop to an already sultry piece, accent your nails with glitter. It will surely glam up your look.

This luscious nail design pairs well with your gown when you go to a formal event. You can also rock these beauties every day at work.

28. Long, black coffin nails can always make a statement.

When you want nails with high drama, check out these gorgeous black coffin nails.

Black is always classy and packs a punch. It gives a chic appearance that suits any occasion.

The glossy shade of midnight offers a fresh take on nail art designs, often resulting in a daring and bold look.

So if you want to come up with something cool, you might want to try this awesome black coffin nails design.

29. Blue-green coffin nails for a trendy new look.

Looking to get a chic appearance?

Try getting blue-green. It’s a stylish look that’s bold and edgy. Perfect for ladies who have a lot of fight in them, whether as a stay-at-home mom or a career woman.

And to create visual contrast, it’s good to add a different color. In this example, a shade of pink that looks classy and adds flair to this prepossessing coffin nails design.

With the beautiful mix, you’ll turn heads and grab people’s attention.

30. Take minimal nude coffin nails up one notch.

Want to amp up your nude coffin nails?

Take it to the next level with this fun design idea.

To start, use a pastel pink shade that’s glossy. Now to add visual interest, take a black polish and create a pattern.

The black shade on a nude backdrop looks simple yet sexy. It’s a perfect look for the office or when your boyfriend takes you to Sunday brunch with his family.

31. Don’t black and pink coffin nails look great together?

Take this inspiration and create a beautiful melange of two shades.

Black and pink work well as part of your regular work attire. You can also rock this beautiful combo when you’re going to a formal event.

Looking for a wedding nail design?

You can add a bit of glitter on top of these. Or perhaps a few gems to accent your nails.

Keep it simple yet elegant. Try this gorgeous piece.

32. Check out the latest trend in red coffin nails.

Have you heard about oxblood?

It’s the latest craze in red nails. This shade looks so rich and creates a super dramatic effect. It makes your nails look great for formal wear or a special date.

If you want to achieve a fierce and elegant look, you might want to try this design.

33. Elegant lavender coffin nails with glitter.


Check out this decadent combination of purple and glitter in this awesome nail design.

Discover a duo so glamorous and alluring. It’s so pretty that it pairs well with your everyday look; whether you’re looking to have a casual look or dress up as a business exec.

The glittery adornment creates a subtle effect that spells luscious and sophistication. It’s a sultry blend that you might want to try one of these days.

34. You have got to try these gorgeous red coffin nails.

Take a close look at these beautiful red nails.

Don’t they look fierce and sexy?

If you have a special date coming up or you’re looking to go on a night out with your closest gals, this style just fits right. It’s sensual and can surely turn heads.

These captivating red coffin nails sure do make a statement.

35. Feisty beige coffin nails for a fierce and edgy look.

Looking for the perfect nails this summer?

Here’s a great design you might want to consider. Rock this stylish and feisty coffin nails design.

It features a striking appearance, making it edgy and chic. What an excellent way to express your individuality while enjoying the fun and carefree summer days.

Although if you’re playing frisbees or any other sports, you might want to trim the nails a bit. Just so they won’t bother you while you’re playing.

36. Blue can be such a lovely color for your coffin nails.

Here’s another gorgeous blue coffin nails design to inspire you to try it out.

Check out the studs and sparkly things. Not to mention, the visual design that adds to the overall beauty and sophistication of nail art.

If you’re not into monochromatic nail designs, the artwork on these nails just takes the cake. It surely does add to the luxe factor.

Aren’t these nails captivating?

37. Butterflies, flowers, and glitter combine to create this masterpiece.

Tired of having a one-color nail design?

Check out the different shades of pink that blend perfectly into nail art.

Ombre pink with embellishments simply looks amazing, doesn’t it?

How’s that for making a minimal nail design get an unexpected enhancement?

This gorgeous design is perfect for laidback weekends.

P.S. The nails do look long though. Plus, with the embellishments, this design may tend to feel heavy. If you’d like, you may keep the nails shorter than this.

38. Aren’t these pink matte coffin nails gorgeous?


This is one of the beautiful nail art pieces I’ve seen.

Well, for one it’s minimalistic, and I like it simple, you know.

But watch as the soft shade of pastel pink gradually lightens up as it approaches the tip of the nails. How’s that for serious drama?

If you’re looking for simple yet classy, minimal yet elegant, then you should definitely add this to your list of coffin nails design. It’s bewitching.

39. Neutral? Let’s kick for spring coffin nail designs!

Do you want something bright and lively for your springtime nail fashion?

Change it up to match the bright sunny days with this gorgeous nail design. Check out how the yellow hue fades into the nude nail base.

Want to spruce things up a bit?

You can add small rhinestones as adornment.

Give it sparkle and put vivacity to your nails. For nail fashion that suits springtime, check out this stunning piece that spells carefree fun.

40. A lovely pair of turquoise and rhinestones to create this alluring coffin nail design.

Wondering what’s a new nice color to try on for your nails?

You might want to consider turquoise. It’s a hot hue that can bring out the best look for your nails.

Give it some serious though, and check out this glamorous nail design. See as two of the nails of each hand are heavily accentuated with glittery rhinestones.

And to create an appealing aesthetic, you’ll love the matte turquoise, adding a beautiful contrast to the embellishment-stuffed nails.

When the weekend comes calling to party, rock your outfit even more with these tantalizing turquoise coffin nails.

41. Don’t these red coffin nails look great on those beautiful hands?

Red can really do some magic.

Check out the seductive allure of red coffin nails. It creates an ultra-luxe nail piece that looks really precious.

If you feel like you want to glam up, perhaps consider this stunning piece. Take inspiration from this sultry nail design.

Isn’t it as pretty as a picture?

Even with its simple design, it sure does pack a punch. Minimal yet it retains all its sophistication and allure.

42. Unleash your artistic side with these fun coffin nails.

Check out this cool green coffin nails design.

If you’re feeling creative, you can’t really go wrong with those cute patterns. Plus, you can improvize and make your own designs too.

What better way to create an edgy nail design with an edgy green.

How’s that for eye-catching?

43. Speaking of green coffin nails, here’s another one.

Are you fascinated with dragons?

Perhaps you can’t get enough with Queen Daenerys and her “kids.”

Make the fantasy come to life on your nails with these green coffin nails. Check out the details on these beauties. The solid green hue looks very charming. And the glitter, it really brings out the magic of the design.

All you need now is just a party to go to and a dozen of your gal pals to enjoy the night out.

44. Rhinestones and gems, glittery and glossy coffin nails.

Get into the luxe style that speaks panache and confidence.

See the gorgeous stones and gems, stuffing the nails in their adorning glory. And to wrap up this look is the pearl white glossy finish that just looks super fine and dandy. This nail design features a delicate mix of femininity and majesty.

If you want to raise the allure, drama, and visual interest of your nails, you might want to consider this captivating coffin nails design.

45. Pointy and fierce make for an edgy coffin nails design.

Are you up for something bold and daring?

Then you will these gorgeous pointy nails.

Check out the glittery adornment on these beauties. Plus, you can never go wrong with the color red. Especially with this one. It looks like the feisty shade of red.

46. Try these date night coffin nail ideas.


Is the boyfriend planning something special this weekend?

Perhaps a quiet dinner date at a posh restaurant?

Then you’ll need alluring nails to go with your gorgeous look.

Check out these French-inspired manicures. It features an ombre of pink and white. It’s classy and it’s simple.

47. Gorgeous coffin nails with a hint of Ancient Egypt’s royalty. 


Don’t you just love the combination of nude and gold?

Be inspired by the high lifestyle of royalty as your nails are covered in serious bling. It’s a bold style that increases the drama and appeal for your nails.

48. Looking for a fun coffin nail design for Halloween?

Welcome to Spooky-Ville. Population: 10 fingernails.

Check out the Halloween-themed art on this design.

Notice how the artwork here features the characters from Tim Burton’s horror animated films. They sure look fun.

49. Here’s a classic red cheetah print coffin nail design.

Are you a fan of minimalistic nail art?

Well, this isn’t completely minimalistic because of the patterns on the nail. I guess you can say it is since it has no glittery adornments or gem embellishments.

But it looks gorgeous. This one will win your heart for sure.

50. Last on this list is an edgy coffin nail design.


Got plans for a night out over the weekend?

Or perhaps a hot date with your flame?

This exciting event calls for bewitching nails. Check out these black coffin nails.

Aren’t they chic?

It works well with metallic embellishments should you wish to put some.

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