Witness the Mastery of Chainsaw Art: Estonian Artist Carves a Breathtaking Dragon Bench

Estonian artist Igor Loskutow is an award winning master of chainsaw art. Based in Germany, he’s part of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team, which travels to events across Europe in order to show off their cutting skills. One of Luskutow’s newest pieces, an incredible dragon bench, is a masterpiece of the art form.

It’s incredible to see how the bench takes shape, with the fantastical animal’s long body forming the seat and its head and tail curling around either side. The wings are especially impressive, as one wraps around as the back rest and the other curves around the sides in a dramatic fashion. Loskutow’s newest creation is now at home next to a butcher shop, but this isn’t his first aim at taming a dragon into seating.

In early 2017 he created another dragon bench, this one with the head carved from a red tinged wood. The fiery red head offsets beautifully against the rest of the mocha colored bench, and continues to show off the chainsaw artist’s cutting skills. From incredibly thin, soft lines to bigger cuts used to create the overall shape, the benches only further prove why Luskutow won the 2015 Huskycup World Title for his work.

Igor Loskutow is an incredible chainsaw artist who uses the heavy duty tool to create fantastical sculptures like this clever dragon bench.

Igor Loskutow Dragon Bench

Igor Loskutow Dragon BenchIgor Loskutow Chainsaw Carving

These behind the scenes images help us understand how the master carver uses the chainsaw to create a dragon bench.

Igor Loskutow Chainsaw ArtIgor Loskutow Chainsaw Art

Igor Loskutow Chainsaw ArtIgor Loskutow Chainsaw ArtIgor Loskutow Chainsaw CarvingIgor Loskutow Dragon BenchIgor Loskutow Dragon BenchIgor Loskutow Chainsaw CarvingIgor Loskutow Chainsaw Art
Igor Loskutow Chainsaw Art

The Estonian artist also carved another marvelous dragon bench, using contrasting woods to great effect.

Igor Loskutow Chainsaw ArtIgor Loskutow Dragon BenchIgor Loskutow Chainsaw ArtIgor Loskutow: Website | Facebook

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