A kitten has been left in a “terrible” state after it was washed in bleach.

Heartbreaking photographs show black and white cat Meadow with burnt and bleeding skin, ruined fur, a feeding tube in her mouth, cone around her neck, and body dressed in bandages. The poor kitten has been taking into the care of Northcote Veterinary Surgery in Otley Road, Bradford, after she became gravely ill from being bathed in bleach-rich products.

Vet Katie Lloyd, who runs Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary, said Meadow was dropped off at the vets by her owner who reportedly said she washed the cat after finding fleas. “We are guessing she was washed in a chemical that the owner believed would kill the fleas… however has almost killed poor Meadow,” Katie said.

The kitten was left with “raw, burnt skin”, and was taken into intensive care. Katie said: “When Meadow arrived all her fur was tacky and wet. Meadow was limp and immobile.

“We carefully washed the substance off however underneath her skin was raw. Meadow’s feet and mouth are incredibly sore and she needs a feeding tube to be able to be supported nutritionally.”

On Monday, May 29, Katie shared an update and said Meadow had been receiving treatment for over a week. Katie added: “She remains gravely ill from the ingestion, however we are seeing tiny steps of improvement. Meadow can now stand and has attempted to play.

Meadow was put in intensive care after she was found limp and immobile
Meadow was put in intensive care after she was found limp and immobile (Image: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary)

“Due to the chemical burns in her mouth, face and on her body she would be in terrible pain without strong pain relief and also antibiotics too. Meadow is being fed via a nasogastric feeding tube and her dressings are being changed twice a day. We are even having to dress the inside of her collar under her chin due to sore wounds.”

Katie has been sharing updates on social media, and has been inundated with people coming forward to show their support for Meadow. “Poor little girl,” Carol Wright said.

Suki Jean Elizabeth Hutchinson said: “Well done Meadow. You can do this sweetheart.” Jennifer Hirst said: “Poor little love it’s heartbreaking praying for her, stay strong sweetheart xx.”

Meadow became gravely ill after her skin was bleached by a previous owner
Meadow became gravely ill after her skin was bleached by a previous owner (Image: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary)

Gwen Goymer added: “Aww Meadow poor baby please keep fighting there will be a loving home waiting for you and kisses and hugs.” “This is absolutely horrific,” Chloe West said.

Jilly Morley said: “Poor little Meadow, but she is improving thank goodness. Slow recovery, but you is getting the best of care.” Louise Daly added: “Hoping Meadow pulls through this terrible ordeal.”