Kyrie Irving’s Generosity: Donating Up to 2 Million USD in 2023

Kyrie Irving is the most socially active name in the NBA in turbulent 2020.

Although a player with a strong personality as well as extremely unpredictable. There is no denying the merits of the Brooklyn Nets star in charitable activities . Especially in the difficult year of 2020, Kyrie Irving has always extended her hand to help difficult situations throughout the United States.

Kyrie Irving donates up to 2 million USD in 2020 - Photo 1


Kyrie Irving is no stranger to social activities. Above is a picture of him at UNICEF ‘s charity event in South Africa in 2013

In the calendar year 2020, the 29-year-old player personally contributed to charity nearly 2 million USD, or about 46 billion VND. This amount is calculated from various activities during the past one year. The first and largest money spent by Kyrie Irving was $1.5 million for the WNBA women’s basketball tournament .

Specifically, the United States last year faced two humanitarian disasters including Covid-19 and an unprecedented wave of anti-racism “Black Lives Matter”. The American women’s professional basketball tournament, the WNBA, was also severely affected when many players decided not to play to protect their health as well as represent their voices for equality. Kyrie Irving herself has taken out of pocket money to pay for the annual salary of the players who are out of the game.

Kyrie Irving donates up to 2 million USD in 2020 - Photo 2

WNBA star Natasha Cloud is one of the names supported by Kyrie Irving

Not stopping there, “Uncle Drew” continued to act in the midst of the most raging Covid-19 epidemic. He donated a sum of $ 323,000 to the Feeding America charity. This money was used to provide 250,000 free meals to the homeless in New York City.

Kyrie Irving is also someone who takes her roots very seriously. With the Sioux Indian bloodline passed down from his mother, the NBA star has always turned to his minority community. In 2020, Kyrie Irving partnered with Nike to support Standing Rock Sioux Indian reserve with 17 supplies as well as 50,000 N-95 masks.

Kyrie Irving donates up to 2 million USD in 2020 - Photo 3

Kyrie Irving speaks during a ceremony at the Standing Rock Sioux . reserve

Sharing with KXNet, the reserve’s interior director, Ms. Shauna Long, was emotional: “I don’t know what to say. We couldn’t thank him more. Because not many people are willing to help this small community with such enthusiasm. It’s heartwarming to know that there are still individuals who don’t live here who are as magnanimous as he is.”

Even Kyrie Irving is the character who bought a new home for George Floyd’s family before the end of 2020. The death of George Floyd was the fuse of the “Black Lives Matter” bomb that exploded in the past. This is really a guarantee for the legend of the star born in 1992 in social activities.

Kyrie Irving donates up to 2 million USD in 2020 - Photo 4


What Kyrie needs to do now is get back to playing and shining

But all those positive things will hardly cover the ripples Kyrie Irving caused in the eyes of fans. The thing “Uncle Drew” needs to do the most right now is nothing but returning to the competition and giving his all for the audience to believe in him.

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