Kitten that Hops Like a Bunny, Turns into the Happiest Cat with Endearing Personality

A kitten with bent front legs grew to be the happiest cat with a big personality.

A pint-sized kitten was found in a horse barn along with her sibling. They were covered in fleas and dirt and desperately needed rescue. Anna Dickerson-Homan, a foster volunteer based in Michigan, sprang into action when she learned about their situation.

“I decided to open my home to them. I had no idea what their care might look like, but I didn’t have time to consider many details before agreeing to take them,” Anna shared with Love Meow. “It was an ‘act now, plan later’ situation and I had this nagging feeling that I was their only hope.”

Upon arrival, Anna noticed something different about the little tabby.

Her front paws appeared to be crooked, and she was stout and tailless. As it turned out, the kitten was born with several congenital conditions. “This includes Manx Syndrome, Kyphosis, a paw deformity and neurological issues leading her to walk on her paws incorrectly.”

Despite it all, the tabby named Lisa was very playful and always in good spirits. She would hop around like a bunny, exploring every nook and cranny.

“She is a cognitively normal cat who just wants to do cat things – watch birds out the window, chase a string and cuddle on your lap.”

Anna and her husband Steve planned to foster the kittens until they were ready for adoption. They hoped a wonderful family who understands Lisa’s needs, would come along some day.

To make things more accessible around the house, Foster Dad Steve built a ramp to help Lisa get on and off the couch. Despite having crooked feet, the tabby didn’t let anything slow her down. She could run, jump and catch feather toys with ease.

“Lisa loves to snuggle and has to be smooshed as close as possible to her humans at all times,” Anna said.

“She’s figured out how to hop onto our bed and mews impatiently until one of us plays ‘blanket hunt’ with her. She thinks she’s pretty fierce.”

Lisa quickly assumed her role as the office supervisor. She would lie down by the computer or on her human’s lap during work hours. The clever tabby insisted on lending a “helping” paw whenever she found fit.

Anna and Steve worked closely with their vets to ensure the best care and quality of life for Lisa. In return, the sweet tabby smothered them with snuggles and plenty of her signature kisses.

Lisa has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months. She’s blossomed into a gorgeous young cat with a larger-than-life personality. Despite her bent paws, her mobility is exceptional and she moves so fast like lightning.

She may hop like a bunny and need assistance here and there, but Lisa is so full of life and has many adorable quirks.

The sweet tabby gives the warmest hugs by wrapping her arms around her people’s legs. She often climbs onto Anna’s shoulders when she is in the kitchen, to offer some feline assistance.

Whenever she wants entertainment, she will make her way to the window for some Bird TV.

But most of all, she is the cuddliest lap cat and a purr machine, and shares an unbreakable bond with her Foster Dad.

Anna and Steve thought that they would find a great home for Lisa, but the sweet tabby had already found her happily ever-after with them.

She crept her way into their hearts and even became best friends with the resident cats.


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