Indulge in Excellence: Experience Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, a Cornerstone of His Billion-Dollar Empire

Michael Jordan is one of the richest NBA players ever. The former 6x NBA Champion rose to fame after establishing a dominant career that spanned over 15 years. MJ is known as the greatest of all time and by a significant margin. He has averaged numbers like no other, won championships like no other, and even dominated the league like no one has ever done before.

During his career, he tried to retire from the sport twice before officially hanging up his jersey in 2003. The Chicago Bulls legend went on to pursue a business career and proceeded to invest his earnings into various ventures. The Michael Jordan Steak House is one of his business ventures which he started back in 1997. Unlike most of his ventures, this one, in particular, does not have anything to do with basketball.



They sell USDA Prime Cuts and various other condiments that go along with a steak meal. The business also has its line of grillware and collectible items with MJ’s Steak House branding. The original and main outlet is located in Grand Central Terminal, New York City. The restaurant is an exquisite high-profile dining space that can occupy 210 visitors in one go.


There are a few other locations in Magnificent Mile (Chicago), Oak Brooks (Illinois), Mohegan Sun, and Uncasville (Connecticut) as well as Ilani Casino Resort and La Center (Washington). The Steak House is a massive contributor to Michael Jordan’s billion-dollar net worth.

Michael Jordan has invested in Nissan, Cincoro Tequila, Charlotte Hornets, and many other franchises

One of Michael Jordan’s biggest acquisitions was when he bought the Charlotte Hornets in 2010 for $180 million. This helped his net worth skyrocket to $1.7 billion. He also has multiple investments in technology companies from all over the way. Jordan is a major investor in Cincoro Tequila, which was once voted as one of the best Tequila brands around.



Michael Jordan also has investments in MLB and Nascar teams that have been very successful. In 2020, Jordan bought a stake in DraftKings which blew up shortly after his purchase. He owns a Nissan dealership in North Carolina. Jordan also gets a lot of his revenue through endorsements with Nike and Gatorade as well.

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